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Perhaps the most uniform, pervasive (bogus) theory pounded in the cocoon is the notion that the press is somehow the enemy. There is not a single one of you Trumpers who doesn’t believe that on some level

That PRECONCEIVED NOTION turns this event (and any error) into PROOF of your theory If you step back and look at the reporting by the big papers, they got it wrong but then corrected as the facts became clearer.
No fraud
No enemy of the people Just typical fog of war, jump to conclusion (because of the press release) nonsense. Negligence, not conspiracy

It doesn’t help your case any that while all this wrong reporting was going on, left wing politicians and pundits were seizing on it to score political points.
There is a difference between the actual media who was reporting the actual fact of the officers’ death and the pundits and politicians of course. But that’s why the video link showing the talking heads calling it a murder is so important to my argument. Officer Sicknick died on January 7th and lying in honor at the Rotunda on February 2nd. There were already questions and retractions when Anderson Cooper said the week leading up to him lying in state; “Officer Brian Sicknick died after being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher durring the fight” The same week, an MSNBC host who’s name I don’t know in the same video says “After he was bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher”. The banners on the bottom of the screen are talking about Brian Sicknick being honored by lying in state.
It’s very clear. Many of these left wing pundits for purely political reasons, completely ignored the retractions and ran with the “Trumper Mob cold blooded murdered a police officer” angle. That’s seriously screwed up.