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Hey man, I’m truly not trying to be a dick to you here…

Sorry if it came off that way. My feelings around this are just kinda melancholy.

Like… to me it feels like nitpicking when you can turn on Fox and get 47 of these a day.

But then I’m falling for my own frustrations because that is “whataboutism”… so I’m torn.

It’s good to criticize media but media isn’t the enemy… at least the ones that are trying to do the right thing, and would correct themselves or retract a story.

Just a “for instance” the NYP spread disinformation recently about the covid vaccine…

It is frustrating to me how there is “business” in feeding conspiracy theorist and cementing distrust in expert evaluation.

That isn’t to say don’t challenge the experts from time to time, or that experts are infallible… but the reaching that I see to undermine science and credibility of public officials with far more knowledge and experience is the road to Brave New World