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If you applied your same disdain for your own supposed media, then you’d have some credibility.

I don’t have a “my media”, as I’m able to recognize damn-near all of them are full of shit. I don’t watch any of them in the MSM anymore. The Axios report shows the majority feel that way.

But you have fun in your ignorant defense (lolz @ that post) of them, Mr. Mayor. Bwahahahahaha @ “liberal bias at times” – that’s cute.

Biggs, the MSM may be full of shit, but not compared to the other ways people get their news. See One Truth. You can’t criticize MSM and then get your news from some conspiracy youtuber and say you are worried about getting quality news. So you are better off just watching MSM with a big grain of salt and using your own ability to think critically while you are watching.