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Look, it’s very obvious when watching the video of the incident that something very very wrong happened there. I think the prosecution put it perfectly in closing that Chauvin’s Ego played a role. But also police training and policy played a role. He was convicted, rightly of manslaughter and second degree murder (Causing the death of a human being without intending to do so while commiting another crime) In this case Assault.

So you have to be able to come to the conclusion that a police officer was committing an assault while restraining a suspect and then accidentally killed him. I’m happy with the verdict but the jury needed to weigh all the evidence to be able to come to those conclusions and that means even the drugs in his system, even the coroner’s reports even the size of the suspect, the policies of the police department…. all of it. There was no forgone conclusion and for a sitting President to say there was before the jury came back sets a terrible precedent.

If Trump had done this you’d have gone bananas and rightly so.

My point is that the courts are supposed to decide exactly what that wrong thing we all saw in that video was and it’s not all that simple.