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Good news.

Tampa wont increase their offer, tho.

Only have $1 mil available at the moment. Cant even afford to sign their draft class as is. Not even their first round pick.

Waiting on AB. Likely won’t sign til after the draft at this point would be my guess.

They have been using signing bonuses and voidable years to help structure contracts.

They will need about $7 million or so to sign the draft class, say another few million for AB. They need to give him a deal of at least what DeSean Jackson and Keenan Cole got ($5M). The dude was a big part of our success last year in the playoffs. He isn’t a must have but imagine having 3 #1 WRs. It’s a no brainer.

Look for them to extend Godwin or JPP to create cap room
I also expect them to look at restructuring Brate’s contract

That should get the draft class, Gabbert, and Brown under contract; again with the voidable year magic.