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I don’t get this signing but it’s also a totally pointless debate.

If Brady goes down for a significant time we are probably fucked.

Griffin ain’t winning us shit BUT he could run a few series and hold the line… there are enough weapons to utilize small ball if we needed to…

But for those hating in Gabbert, I disagree and see him as far superior to Griffin… not even close. Still a 1st round talent when drafted. I hope we keep him.

The problem is there are loads of mediocre QBs in the league. Most teams seemingly have a backup that used to start.

Griffin, depending on the draft, isn’t guaranteed to make the roster. Bucs will probably carry 4 QBs throughout pre-season; especially with Brady recovering from surgery and not really needing reps. Final roster will once again be 3.

I expect Gabbert to be re-signed. If we draft a QB before round 6, you’d have to think that guy will make the team over Griffin.

That being said, if Brady misses time, we are not in a good spot. Obviously have the most confidence in Gabbert but that is clouded by the Detroit lions contest last year.

a half decent back-up QB would cost money and i dont see Bucs willing to spend $8-$10M on an insurance policy for Brady when Gabbert may be able to get us by a few games.