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This entire post is pretty much 100000 percent unreasonable.

There are a lot of places where you could make a point but you go bananas instead.

I agree that the way we are policing is wrong. I even agree that biases and prejudices effect decision making but I reject the ideas that you spout off about that “white” people are the problem, that the answer is some kind of issue only for blacks or other minorities. I’ve mentioned before about my mothers white drunk asshole uncle who was beaten to death by the cops in the MO in the late 60’s. Nobody ever went to jail for that. Call it the exception sure whatever… when you address these problems the way the left does you are creating more of a divide and are not making anything any better.

Systematic racism in police forces…. yeah more like systematic bias inherent in the human race. Good luck with that one benevolent left.

Mr. Bear you say you’re are glad he got convicted. And the overwhelming evidence clearly proves his guilt. But there is a large percentages of American’s that did not want him to be found guilty. Can you please help me understand why?