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I can’t speak for anyone who wanted him to be found not guilty since I’m not one of those people. I can say that some people wanted to be sure that he got a fair trial which I think he mostly did except for the nonsense at the end that may or may not prove to be enough to win an appeal.

I want police reform. I’ve been talking about it for years… even before Donald Trump was elected President. Look up Rand Paul and his police reform initiatives that called to an end of the militarization of police, an end to the war on drugs in large part because of the racial outcomes where even though white kids do drugs at a roughly equivalent rate as black and brown kids they get charged with drug crimes at a far less frequent rate. My issue with police reform is only when/if we make it all about race instead of reforming the entire way that we police in a free society. It’s far to easy for police to kill citizens and chalk it up to self defense.