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The Capitol police misreported the cause of death in a release. Many news outlets REPORTED that release. Soon after questions arose. Those same outlets reported that there were questions about the cause of death. The ME report just came out. It just came out because there has been an ongoing criminal investigation.

All you Trumpers blew a gasket. Exactly NONE of you seemingly aware that the media you want to bash reported it all


I can only assume you don’t actually watch or read the media you are so keen to defend. Most, but not all admittedly, ran with it for weeks. Even then, “corrections” and “developments” were buried in the backpages until it became absolutely necessary to publicize them. Additionally the prime time reporting continued with the “armed insurrection killing Capital Police officers” narrative and tone. From CNN anyway because no matter how hard I try I really can’t stay on MSNBC for more than 60 seconds.