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Biggs, the MSM may be full of shit, but not compared to the other ways people get their news. See One Truth. You can’t criticize MSM and then get your news from some conspiracy youtuber and say you are worried about getting quality news. So you are better off just watching MSM with a big grain of salt and using your own ability to think critically while you are watching.

Oh yeah sure Roy… MSM is better than a youtube channel about Hillary Clinton eating babies. You win.

Yes unbelievable. Where do people get their news if its not the main stream media? I think the vast majority get our news from the MSM, but then we have different outlets who interpret or editorialize on the news in ways that are more appealing to us, whether its magazines, websites or TV talking heads. Even QAnon takes the main stream news and then uses it to create their conspiracies. For example, where did they find out about the ship blocking the Suez Canal? They heard about it from the MSM, and then in typical fashion they decided that it was carrying a boatload of babies for Hillary and her gang.