Col. Klink

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Anyone that is not repulsed buy the garbage journalism and disgusting dishonesty by elected Democrats in Washington D.C. simply has no interest in the truth.

This is total bipartisan bullshit. I’ve got no problem with tearing into the liberal media with the handling of the Sicknick saga but in the end, what real harm was done? What happened on Jan 6th didn’t need to be embellished because there was plenty of video proof of how those traitors acted that day, including one of a police officer who did actually get hit in the head with a fire extinguisher. The fact that he didn’t die wasn’t from a lack of trying ….

But let’s compare that to the garbage journalism of the conservative media and the disgusting dishonesty of Republicans in Washington DC in the 2 months leading up to Jan 6th. Without those furthering of lies, Jan 6th probably doesn’t happen and the people dead because of it are still alive….. so spare me that righteous bullshit about having no interest in the truth. If there’s any group that make a mockery of the truth in regards to what occurred the last 6 months it’s you guys.