Alldaway 2.0

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Trade down for future picks if the concern is not enough roster spots. I honestly don’t believe that because the Bucs haven’t resigned either of their return specialists in Logan or Barner. Bucs still need to find another CB to be a gunner to replace Smith on ST and for depth. Same with safety with the loss of Adams unless Hagan breaks out. And an OT to replace Haeg in jumbo packages and to back up Wirfs. Bucs also don’t have a #4 ILB to groom to eventually play next to D. White. That is five roster spots right there.

Then you have areas where the Bucs can upgrade and bring in competition for Gill, Watson, Grayson and Stanley. That is four more roster spots.

There are plenty of roster spots up for grabs.

Bucs trade down, gain future picks and still are able to load up on building depth while also shoring up special teams. Special teams needs a huge improvement for another run IMO.

Build the trenches!