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He certainly has turned it around the last couple years. Hard to argue with a Superbowl win and the last few draft classes

His draft classes:

2014 – WR Mike Evans (1st round). A slam dunk pick but no other players remain with the team or really would be considered a hit.

2015 – OL Donovan Smith (2nd round), OG Ali Marpet (2nd round) – two key contributors on the offensive line. Sort of had to go with Jameis Winston with the #1 pick. I liked Jameis but just isn’t a winning QB and thus considered a bust with Tampa. Kwon Alexander contributed and considered a hit as a 4th round pick. Most GMs dont survive missing on a first round QB.

2016 – terrible draft. Vernon Hargraeves and Robert Aguayo draft. At this point, really questioning our talent evaluation. I don think many of us had confidence in him at this stage with just Evans and Marpet as hits and jury still out on Winston and Smith.

2017 – TE OJ Howard and WR Chris Godwin. Also had some potential with S Evans and LB Beckwith that didnt pan out.

2018 – DT Vita Vea, RB Ronald Jones, CB Carlton Davis, OG Alex Cappa, S Jordan Whitehead. Jury is still out on Rojo but he had a decent year last year. Still signing Fournette and Benard doesnt say much about their confidence in him. MJ Stewart was a miss but still to have 4-5 starters in a draft is great.

2019 – LB Devin White, CB Sean Bunting and Jamel Dean, S Mike Edwards, LB Anthony Nelson, WR Scotty Miller. 3 Starters and 3 key depth personnel is a great draft.

2020 – OT Tristian Wirfs, S Antoine Winfield Jr are absolute studs. Keyshawn Vaughn wont really be given the opportunity to be anything other than a miss. Tyler Johnson had some key catches but again assuming AB returns, he wont be given much of an opportunity at this stage.

the drafts from 2018 to 2020 really were night and day from Jasons first 3 drafts – nearly 10 starters on the Superbowl team with solid additional pieces.

let’s hope 2021 can continue the trend but even so Jason has bought himself the 5 year superbowl goodwill window assuming he doesn’t do something crazy like bad mouth Brady.