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Leave it to Mr. Cronkite to bukkake up a thread with shit that doesn’t belong.

Reading could be such a good confidence boost for you!

Post 1 — the wall

wo sweet little girls who were willingly handed over to vile human traffickers

Post 2 – Geroge Floyd (I added the bold to help you, so maybe sound it out slowly)

In other news, Agents of the President have included special instructions for any non minority….. *cough, er “white” people who would like to visit George Floyd square.

Post 3 – Biden

To be fair, we didn’t used to have our savior, Jesus Uncle Joe Biden making everything all sunshine and lolipops every second of the day.

Post 4 – Maxine Waters et al

Thanks to great human beings like Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Rashida Talib and other great folks, we finally have a fair and non racist ethical and moral standards.

As usual Buggsy . . . “BOOM” . .