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It’s not really ridiculous. There are whole episodes of Star Trek dedicated to this idea. lol Some good books too if you don’t mind a few big words. Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars trilogy comes to mind. Some of those ideas made it into mainstream sci fi like “The Expanse” where Mars has spent an entire century dedicating the lions share of their resources to a massive project to turn Mars from an barren wasteland into a green paradise.

The idea of terraforming is probably an idea that will be important to the future of humanity at some point.

What’s ridiculous is that people like John Kerry think we should spend trillions and trillions of dollars on wasteful projects that won’t even move the needle ever or at least for many many years and are completely unproven. As for a little research. I’m all for research on how we might go about actively influencing our climate without killing ourselves. Thats a good plan.