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There is no reasonable Constitutional or legal argument to make Washington DC a state. The District was created in 1790 from ten square miles of land ceded to the federal government by Maryland and Virginia.4 The purpose of the District is stated in Federalist No. 43. The Framers of the Constitution believed that the federal government needed to have control over the seat of government—over the place where it was to conduct its business—so that it would not find itself beholden to a particular state government for its day-to-day needs.

That bit was cut and paste but it shows that it will need a Constitutional amendment to change it.

What’s more, the current population of Washington is in the region of 700k. That is the base argument why it should become a State. That is, more people live in that Washington DC than some States like Wisconsin, etc.

If that is the argument then cities like NY, LA, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia also deserve Statehood right? But, those cities (with the exception of Houston) are the prime drivers why those States have Democrat Senators which they will probably lose if they make many of those cities States.

Therefore it has nothing to do with representation. It has everything to do with adding 2 new Democrat Senators. Everybody on the planet knows it, some just don’t want to say it.