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Super shocked the cove’s resident recent convert to the Democratic party wants DC to be a State. I’m sure it has nothing to do with Democrats getting more power. But where do you stand on stacking the court? Waiting with baited breath.

I’m guessing the amount of court additions should be somehow associated with the number it takes to force through all the really great changes to America that we really need for everything to be perfect.

Shocking. Politics in government? What is the world coming to. But I’m sure if the Republicans would have no qualms stacking the Senate, or the Supreme Court. Its not like the Republicans have any scruples whatsoever. They have none. So yes its political, but lets not give the Republicans any high ground. They don’t deserve it.

IMO there should be no territories in the United States. If we aren’t an imperialist nation we shouldn’t have territories. Either make them states, fold them into states, or cut them loose to be independent countries.

And furthermore, there should be a realigning of states. I believe in federalism, but there is no reason we can’t realign the states to represent the population. Sure you can divide California into three. Dakota doesn’t need to be North and South. You could easily lump in ND, SD, Montana and Wyoming into one state. Florida could be two states.

Not gonna happen obviously, but its what should happen. The Senate is ridiculously unbalanced.
Federalism is supposed to keep the integrity of state governments, but isn’t supposed to be a tool to maintain minority rule. In the long run, if you don’t do something to rebalance the States you are going to have a permanent situation where the Senate, who approves the Supreme Court justices, does not fairly represent the nation.

All the stacking that’s going on right now is on the blue side of the ledger.

The founding fathers never intended for D.C. to be a state. The entire reason it was created was because the founders believed that the seat of government power should not be beholden to any State and that the seat of power should be outside the jurisdiction of any state. Not only is making D.C. a state against the wishes of the Framers but it will create the most powerful State in the entire Country and further centralize all power in Washington D.C. just when most Americans believe in some form of “The Swamp”. Make no mistake, a large share of D.C. residents are part of that machine. Government employee’s, bureaucrats, lobbyists, staffers. O

f course Democrats and Karma are focused on the black community. Don’t be led by the nose that’s all I’m saying Roy. Karma is dodging all the real issues to make it seem it’s about an oppressed community of African Americans.