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In other news, another New York city parent who happens to be a racist, removed his daughter from the prestigious Brearly School for girls. The racist made false and unwise claims that his daughter was being indoctrinated and that the school was trying to make his daughter feel guilty about her skin color.

As good people, we need to accept that the color of our skin may offend others. Lighter skinned people should always be mindful of appearing proud or successful. Always remember that everything you have is directly a result of slavery and brutality of darker skinned peoples. Not following these guidelines may subject you to harsh punishments or violent random assaults that will not be investigated.

The racist will be relocated to wind farm alpha for reeducation. His wife and daughters will be reassigned housing near a Harlem brothel so that they can begin to repay the debts of all the white people who lived before any of them were even born. All Hail Josheph Biden!