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With those odds I’ll take TE +3300. I’m not predicting that, but I definitely wouldn’t put TE at the end of the list here. Right now we have nothing beyond this year at that position. Freiermuth will be drafted end of 1st to mid 2nd, and the Bucs could see him as their future at the TE position.

I’d also take WR +700. I’ve already stated I don’t think the Bucs will want to pay the piper for Godwin next year, and they probably know that already. We got lucky with signing Shaq, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is difficult to sign a player after you tagged them already. The WR position is a high value position for the Bucs. The Antonio Brown situation is still up in the air, but if he’s NOT signed before the draft I’d say WR will be a priority.

Maybe Safety +800. Trevon Moehrig could slide down to the end of the round. I don’t know how well he fits in the Bucs system. But if you had to pick one 2021 starting player to be the weakest link I think Whitehead would be the choice, and its the one position maybe where you could draft a guy who would step in and start fairly early on in the year.