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I haven’t changed a bit. It’s all how you see the world. I saw Trump’s comments about loving the environment as sincere because it’s something I can relate to. I know that you did not see them as sincere.

People like me do love the environment. Nothing wrong with cleaning up or doing things voluntarily to try to make things better, cleaner etc. My issue has always been either about the costs and detrimental effects on the economy of certain policies, or because of civil liberties.

At this point in time, things like EV’s are becoming cost effective, there is a reason economically to buy an EV you don’t have to only be a bleeding heart liberal. And if part of making that change is to help curb greenhouse gasses then good for you. For me, absolutely part of that choice is to help curb greenhouse gasses. When I can save money it’s a no brainer.

Voluntarily? That’s just great. Maybe I am misinterpreting. Please tell me that you don’t think that corporations should be allowed to pollute the environment as they see fit.