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I don’t see Brady retiring next season. I feel like he’ll make it public ahead of time and get that farewell tour. He has a pretty unique opportunity to add to his GOAT resume that I don’t see falling off a cliff next year. If he’s playing well with a good team around him why hang them up? Think after this year he’ll either A. Go for the 3 peat and retire after that(hopefully) or B. go for one more crack at running it back a 3rd time and if he misses out both of these times he’ll retire with nothing else to prove.

If my guess is right I’d delay taking a QB until next season unless its a late developmental guy.

I’d hope for Edge, DL or OL early but I could definitely see Licht going for a less obvious position. It worked out well with Vea and White when majority of the board didn’t like the picks.

I trust him to make the best pick for the squad. Hopefully some talent falls that we can scoop up