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Hubris is what cost the Chiefs a chance at winning their 2nd Super Bowl. The Chiefs chose to stay with their 9-step drop and deep ball philosophy than the short game with efficiency. Brett Kollman denoted how the Chiefs changed their offense later in the season to reduce the 9-step drop to become more efficient. Yet, in the Super Bowl, the Chiefs ran the exact offense the first time around against the Bucs. Which is odd because the Bucs shut down the Chiefs in the 2nd half. This is why I say the Chiefs lost due to hubris. They never had a chance because the Bucs were expecting the explosive, yet inefficient offense from KC.

With better OL talent, Mahomes then can have the extra moment to see the open guy or be a little bit more accurate. While some fans boast about the Bucs’ having a replacement RG, the RG play didn’t drop. In fact, it improved in the run game for the Bucs. KC missed one starter on the OLine because he stayed out due to COVID to help out his community (believe he had a nursing background). During the season, they ended losing both of their tackles. That’s three starting OL lost not playing in the Super Bowl.

Although the Chiefs did improve their OL, it’s their DL that looked very lackluster in the Super Bowl. They got 2 QB hits (1 sack) on the Bucs’ OL. That lack of pressure produce only 1 pass defense. Compare that to the Bucs getting 10 QB hits (5 sacks) on KC’s OL. That pressure also induced 9 pass defenses.

Right now, the KC’s have improved their OL to mitigate some of that pressure, but if they can’t consistently get to Brady, then we’re simply in a shootout. I’ll stick with the efficient Brady over the explosive, but inefficient KC offense.