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With Mahomes, it’s kinda by design with his 9-step drop and vertical offense. The scramble is also a part is due to lacking his starting OL from last year.

We can look at our own 2019 season with Arians-Winston. We went mostly vertical and had Winston scrambling often waiting for deeper routes to develop. Winston got sacked like 47 times and threw 30 INT’s. When KC goes explosive, they too are not efficient. Watch Brett Kollman’s breakdown of Mahomes/KC offense.

When KC goes short game, they’re a different team. In 2020, Brady altered Arians’ vertical offense that rarely uses TE’s in the passing game. Brady evolved the offense to be more efficient with some deep ball chances. Moving the chains is far more important to Brady. Although Brady threw for fewer yards than Winston’s 2019 season, he was sacked far less, threw far less INTs, and earned more TD’s (both passing and rushing).

I give a lot of credit to our DL for pressuring Mahomes often in the Super Bowl. An extra half second and we could have been scorched. There’s plenty of video breakdowns of this. Our pass rush was crazy good in the Super Bowl! Sure helped that KC was missing three starters on the OLine!

BTW, Mahomes won a Super Bowl in 2019. Just wanted to point out the obvious.

Still, it’s a team game. We won on all facets in the Super Bowl.