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Speaking of the cocoon.

The good news is you’re making progress. The bad news is the whole war on “racist voting laws” is a farce.

this is a great example. I am glad you posted it.

This is what you pposted:

“A new Fox News poll, released Monday, finds 77 percent of voters nationally think “a valid form of state or federally issued photo identification to prove U.S. citizenship” should be needed for voting. That’s down from a high of 85 percent who felt that way when Fox first asked the same survey question 10 years ago.”

who would not agree with some sort of identification BUT that is not what is happening, as you can read right here:

almost everything is packaged and sold to people on the right as this clear redline when in reality the problem is in the details LIKE North Carolina actually researching what forms of ID African American use and then EXCLUDING those types

So, the fake outrage “how can people not have an id” COVERS UP THE REALITY I posted about in part because the people who respond to the fake outrage alos BELIEVE as posted right here in the Cove) that there is no GOP voter supression and no systemic rtacism (obviosuly RACE-related voting riles are precisely “systemic racism”


No offense — and I am not speaking of you personally (make that very clear) — but articles/polls like the FoXnews article and polls you posted are designed as salve for the conscience of mostly white GOP voters who want their party in power, but dont want to believe there is racism because that would make them tacit supporters of racist policies