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Fortunately, all of our starting positions are taken and Meinertz can be brought along slowly or essentially red-shirt this year to prepare for next year because Jensen’s contract ends after this season.

One trait I do like about Meinertz is that he used to wrestle, which means he’s developed great core strength and bend. I like players who have other talents that are able to stack them together. I remember Quenton Nelson being involved in martial arts, which brought a lot of discipline and great attention to detail.

I really don’t care about school levels, but more about their talent and athleticism. Cappa (D-II) is nowhere near as talented as Marpet (D-III) and the difference between them is stark as Marpet was an above average starter in his rookie season and Cappa took three years to become average, where he had to red-shirt his first year despite the position being open.

Creed is a safe pick, but it’s possible that Meinertz could be better. This could be like last year where OT Wills had the technique down in college, but Wirfs was the better athlete that needed some coaching up.