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have to love the state of Kentucky and its crossed wires.

Today, Rand Paul complained that in the 1st 100 days its been “Biden’s way or the highway.”

This was Mitch McConnell (have a listen)


The GOP believes its voters dont care or they are stupid. Anyone with a pulse can see the 100% refusal of the GOP to join (aka The Newt Gingrich Method) some of the most popular legislation Biden has passed

You are a difficult person to get along with. “popular” legislation is some sort of litmus test for anything? Lots of shit that isn’t good for us is popular Karma. Like free shit up to our eyeballs is popular.

Rand and Mitch disagree on a lot but I for one am glad that Rand is still there standing against the administration. I honestly don’t care how popular any of it is because it’s too much. The spending the increasing the size and scope of Federal power with every bill, executive order or edict. It’s all just nonsense and no matter how cute you put it, standing against it isn’t some sort of laughable thing.

I don’t mean this to be really rude, but I do find it interesting that obstruction of all things Trump was a hallmark of the last four years in Washington. I may have complained about it when it ran against my hopes like for example the pulling out of troops from Afghanistan, but dangit Karma, I understand how it works and I think you do too. That’s what’s so irritating about you….. I should say, that’s one of the things that’s irritating about you.