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Rd 3 #95 Hamsah Nasirildeen, Safety FSU. Pitts is coming to the NFC South. Get ready, Bucs. If Atlanta drafts Kyle Pitts, the Bucs need to defend against him. How about a 6’4” safety? From PFN: Nasirildeen’s blend of size, physicality, athleticism, and downhill trigger jump off the screen when watching the Seminoles defense. A versatile defender, Nasilideen forecasts best as a positionless sub-package defender in the NFL. He can serve the role of tight end neutralizer…

If he’s drafted to stop Kyle Pitts, that’s not going to turn out well for Tampa Bay.

I didn’t use the word “stop”. I said “defend”. There’s no reason not to beef up the ability to guard a player who Look at how the Bucs have been destroyed by guys like Julio Jones and Michael Thomas or Christian McCaffrey have done to the Bucs in the past when we weren’t ready for them.

Pitts projects to be a weapon of that caliber, and he’s probably going to be in our division for the next decade. From NFL Network “His ability as a pass-catching tight end could force defenses in his division to alter the way they construct their roster….” Well, why wait for him to steamroll us a couple times. The millisecond Atlanta picks Pitts that should be the cue for the Bucs to beef up their ability to cover him.