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More lies for you. If you’d bother to read it that is.

Anyway, calling the meat thing a lie and ignoring the last four years of made up “news” that never gets retracted and nobody cares about rings a little bit hollow to me.

I’ve argued the meat point with liberals on message boards probably as far back as the late 90’s. I’d usually start in on my rant after a well meaning liberal would mention something about meat being a luxury or some other such nonsense. It’s no secret that the “bright future” all leftists are fighting for doesn’t have farting cows and we all get our daily ration tickets for our plant based gruel. Whatever cows are left won’t be available for me and you to have a nice steak. One, it’s bad for us, two it’s inhumane and three, it causes greenhouse gasses which we all need to curtail.

As much as I am trying to make it sound ridiculous, it’s not even untrue. Don’t even try to deny that there is a leftist utopia in mind. It might not be the same for everyone but don’t try and tell me that you don’t have this perfect world in mind when we get eveything right. In fact I’d like to hear more about that please.