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I’m not against all environmental regulation but really if I really got my way, we’d clean up corporations through the courts. Rather than enacting heavy handed environmental policing, thousands of EPA agents running around inspecting everything and probably getting kickbacks as is known to happen in societies that have too much government control. I’d make it easier for people to sue and win the suits when corporations pollute. If you make the cost stiff enough corporations are smart enough to figure out that it makes more sense not to pollute than it does to get put out of business. I’d even be fine with some criminal laws being strengthened to hold CEO’s and others accountable for pollution.

Corporations exist to make money. If the left would get their heads out of their rear ends and stop trying to vilify making money and instead accept the nature of corporations and use it to our advantage when it comes to things like pollution then things could possibly get better. Corporations are not evil, they have a purpose and we should use that purpose to reign in abuses.