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The wedge is working. Millions of people believe in opposite things. People think other is brainwashed. I think all those people are being taken for a ride and the wedge is the goal. If people don’t come together it’s going to be bad.

Agree to some extent, but fact is fact , so its not like there’s no potential middle ground and certainly there’s sufficient agreement already to make a political difference. That is, arguably truth/reality already exists at a sufficient level, so the question of safety is really about what a disconnected minority might do. Still very concerning, but maybe not fatal to the country

It’s not about what is fact or not. It’s about what information is passed as fact or not and who decides what is fact or not. It’s also about what stories are highlighted vs not and then which ones are mocked vs not. People will be split on all that in this day and age and there is a deeper reason why that others are not understanding from the other and their is a genuine disconnect but I also feel like it is exaggerated to heat people up and this I believe is happening more and more. Bt controls what people see and don’t see. Highlighted comments about extreme views while other ones are pushed down, invisible or strait up deleted. Should not be happening. It’s a mess and it’s not a good ending. People are moving out of my liberal state because taxes are too high. The city is being destroyed and people (all races) tell me they are sad about what is happening to their city but they don’t want to say anything about it because the media says they would be racist or something. That’s not good.