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QB’s who scramble a lot tend to be hit or miss and usually only win SB’s when they have the ability to keep their eyes down field and the eligible receivers are good enough to break open off routes. More often than not, they also have a great defense on the other side. They also tend to get injured a lot more and have shorter careers. I will note that we won two SB’s with statues at the position. My personal preference is for a QB who can stay in the pocket and make quick progressions through his reads, while having already determined pre-snap who should be open. Makes for a quick check through the receivers before making the right through. It’s also good to have the ability to slide around in the pocket and make guys miss while keeping eyes down the field. Give me the guy who can consistently find the open guy and make the throw, even under duress, over the splashy guy any day of the week. Being consistent is huge toward increasing a team’s odds of making it to the dance.