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I didn’t use the word “stop”. I said “defend”.

Sweet. If that’s how were defining it, Sabby Piscitelli “defended” a shit load of guys in his day too, then.

Not sure what your point is, Biggs.

The very clear and simple point is Hamsah Nasirildeen won’t be able to “defend” Kyle Pitts very well. To be fair, most defenders will have problems. But drafting a R3 safety for that purpose probably won’t turn out very well.

What would you suggest, Biggs? It won’t be up to one guy to go mano a mano with Pitts, but nevertheless it would be better to plan ahead. What would you have the Bucs do?

As for the Antonio Brown signing, I may have to revise my Round 3. I was under the assumption that they were waiting for the draft before they make any decision on Brown, but now I’m not sure they will be drafting a WR on day 2.