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Culpepper was very technical like Sapp and also used strategy. For all the elite athletic ability Sapp had back in the day people forget the games that Culpepper and Sapp would use to set up interior OL. It was basically two chess masters going up against novices.

When Sapp says Barrimore’s technique isn’t up to snuff he isn’t coming from an angle of jealousy. Athletic ability has limitations on the pro game. Technique, leverage, and strategy are all important.

In other words what Sapp is saying each second when the ball is snapped is valuable. Thus each movement and step must be purposeful and not wasteful.

So Barrimore is sloppy with his technique and doesn’t take coaching. Can he be fixed at the next level? Maybe.

If the light comes on Barrimore SHOULD dominate at the NFL level.

Build the trenches!