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How much more losing can these guys take

I dont know that its a question of losing or defeat as much as just adopting a healthy skepticism about their sources INCLUDING their source who urge them to ignore MSM. When does that happen>?

In other words, whatever one’s view of the so-called MSM, it should be beyond any reasonable dispute that Trump and his surrogates and FauxNews and alt-right social media are actually MANIPULATING their followers.

Feel free to believe them same thing about the MSM, but that shouldn’t mean you then accept the falsity for the other sources, right? NO one . . . NO ONE . . .would say, “I am not buying a car from the ABC car dealership because I think they are liars, so I am going to buy a car from the other SELF-ADMITTED and oft-busted liars at XYZ dealership.”

that makes no sense

This thread is now comparing two things, one is PERCEIVED fake news and the other ACTUAL, intentional FAKE NEWS:

Sicknick coverage -where the perception is understandable, but doesnt quite mesh with the realty when you look at the journalists


Harris Book – an actual career journalist at the most Trump-friendly newspaper publishing a KNOWN false story and claiming that she was force to. That claim might be false but so far the Post has not fired anyone. Normally, the editor would be fired IMMEDIATELY. And, much to the contrary, they just fired the prior editor a few months back and . . . YOU GUESSED IT . . replaced him with a very Trump/Murdoch friendly editor.