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And as always, you’re worried about it when it works against you and not at all worried when it does not. Next you’ll call to suppress the meat story because someone might believe something not true… oh wait? Already suppressed.

This sounds like Hunter Biden all over again. Only this time it’s actually not true and a lie and has already been ignored, stamped out and obliterated and nobody on the other side is even complaining. The left gets stories wrong all the time, injuriously so to the point that millions of liberals believe Trump paid Russian Hookers to pee on him or that Trump was a puppet of Putin despite all evidence to the contrary.

I have to point those out to illustrate to you just how closed minded you are. People who think in line with the way you think believe hundreds of completely untrue and/or unsubstantiated either flat out lies or evidence free nonsense about the orange guy. Where is the outrage?