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Gee sounds familiar. I think we’re all pretty much numb to it by now right?

I’ve got another one for you but it deserves it’s own thread. Where you will call it a lie which it isnt’ but that won’t slow you down any. It all comes down to the contrast between the reality you live in from the reality people like me live in. They are two very different places. In mine, the cradle to grave ideology that helps to bring to form, progressive utopia is a monstrosity in line with the Sovient Union or Maoist China. A complete crushing of the individual for collective good. A horror.

Yet since you don’t see it that way, you’ll get hung up on the idea that the proposals being made by democrats mean something bad and that saying that is a lie. Because you can’t get your head around any of it. I’m saying these proposals are not only bad but a horror that will eventually create a dystopian nightmare reality for our children and grandchildren that is why something like “life of Julia” which was propaganda put out by the Obama administration and was intended to be positive, caused such a harsh reaction from those opposed to the progressive world view. Because progressives don’t understand the opposition to their wonderful plans they want to call them lies. “That’s not socialism” “Thats a lie”. Karma that’s not what a lie is. You’re so confused by your own ideology that you can’t even understand what a lie is any more.

Tonights address is likely to be a second attempt at selling the life of Julia to America. The joy of a cradle to grave future where you don’t have to think about anything because big brother has you covered.