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I feel justified in altering my mock draft after AB was signed. I do not believe the Bucs will use a high draft pick on a WR with AB on board.

So I’ll substitute Tommy Tremble TE, ND for Dayami Brown in the 3rd Round. The Bucs may not have room for another WR, but they do have room for another TE. With the uncertainty surrounding that position in 2022 and beyond, the Bucs will not be shy about picking up a TE on Day 2.

i still dont agree with the idea of a high round tight end over positions like defensive line. We have 3 solid guys in which this pick wont see the field.

I like you have interior oline and edge in first 2 rounds but with Suh and Gholston being free agents next year and aging; and with Vita’s injury last year; need to build up depth here.