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Honest questions, @JBear

1. did you expect that GOP Tim Scott to say anything other than what he said?

I mean, HIS PARTY is largely (not exclusively, obviously) the group under fire for racism. He is part of a party that has mostly white (lone African American Senator in GOP), heavily rural/southerner “law and order” constituency. His paryt has actual racists in it and includes (albeit on the fringe) white nationalists

2. If AOC says the Green New Deal is salvation for America, do you believe it?

In other words, if we all want someone to parrot our own beliefs, we can find that person. Simple math and actual experience with your eyes and ears would tell MOST people that the United States absolutely has a race problem. For goodness sake, just one a surface leve:

1. there were WORLDWIDE protests after George Floyd
2. Arbery was effectively lynched in GA (and his killers almost got off with nothing)

Simple math:


The Right’s Farcical Denial of Systemic Racism
Conservatives simply ignore a vast amount of evidence documenting its existence.