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Another “expert” that knows more than the experts.

Schools would be open already if we took covid seriously to begin with… think about the stupidity of an arsonist complaining how the fire is put out

Hey Fire schools are open. Just not in all the really good places. lol

Look, I don’t mean to be a jerk in fact most of this stuff is just me trying to use irony and sarcasm to make the point. I think that gets lost sometimes when I go on these rants.

But I think we are living in two completely different worlds. My kids have been in school the entire year. The school year started in August and never stopped once. In my daughter’s pre school they never had a sigle case of a child having covid. There was one teacher who was a twenty something year old girl really who probably got it partying with her friends.

In my son’s Jr High school he was quarantined 3 times which amounted to about a week out of school each time. He never had covid in any of those instances but when a student would test positive the school would call the parents of students who sat near the students in classes or assigned lunch seating. It’s been a complete success. He’s had a complete school year including extracurricular activities including sports.

On top of that my son has been playing travel basketball since December. In fact he played in a tournament a few weeks ago against my congressman Byron Donalds son. Yes he’s a republican thank goodness or he’d get kicked out of the DNC for letting his kid play a game against other kids where they actually make physical contact and gulp… don’t even wear masks!