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Why is anyone surprised by this? Bill Bellicheat is a douchebag who knows defensive schemes, and is a so-so offensive mind, who disliked Brady for some odd reason, and didn’t want to supply him with weapons. Brady meanwhile win a title, whilst Bellicheat finally decided to spend money because he didn’t think Brady would win a title. So now he is mad.

Bull is a douchebag who would cut off his nose to spite his face. He had Brady who was clearly the reason they were title winners. He made so many great plays over the years, and did with the Bucs in one stinking, Covid hankered season, without regular benefits if it’s rices and co RJ hurt after 20 years under the same coach.

Brady is a beast. Everyone knows who was the reason the patriot way worked.

truth spoken! After all those winning seasons BB got exposed Big time!