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Republicans now want private businesses regulated by big government because they kicked their fake news bullshit to the curb…

Comically hypocritical

all the more so because so many Trumpers keep highlighting the hypocrisy over and over and over

no other choice really because the alternative would be to ACTUALLY CONFRONT the policy issues that they dont want to confront

RACISM is a prime example

First Trump was right that “when the looting starts the shooting should start,” so much so that mostly white Trump GOP defended the kid with the AR in Kenosha and denied that the protests were even legitimate by claiming the people were “Antifa.”

NOW, not only is Chauvin convicted by a jury, but hes CONVUCTED ON ALL COUNTS

The Trump GOP response: question the jury

as much as 40% of the GOP disagreeing wiht the verdict

THE IRONY . . extreme IRONY . . of it all is that its these same voices — mostly white GOP — who previously claimed there was no GOP voter suppression and who now deny there is systemic racism** and they actually . . this is the funniest part . . . walk out TIM SCOTT AS PROOF . . the LONE African American GOP Senator (same people who post Candace Owens)

(** you’d have to be complete ignorant of the history of Chauvin’s police department to say that and mean it)