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Calling him Uncle Tim is counter productive. Period.

Gotta be better than that…

But on the other hand Candace Owen of the world… Tim Scott, Ben Carson… they are adding to the problem because this to them is about career opportunity for themselves… not about the common black man/woman.

That’s why it gets such strong backlash. The optics of having the lone black senator be used as a political pawn to give folks like jbear the “see! Not racist” narrative.

He’s being used and he knows it and he’s fine with it because it will help his career.

Not the common black person…

Dropping the act here… in all seriousness that’s pretty screwed up that you think that’s true.

It’s more proof that the partisan world views that are destroying this country are not all on one side as you guys seem to think. Partisans on both sides are bonkers and believe condescending, rude, unfounded, evidence free bullshit about their enemies.