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On Tim Scott, he is form Charleston City Council.

Why does that matter? One of the most norotiosu white/black police cop shooting, the Walter Scott case . HE KNOWS IT WELL

On top of that, he was actually INVOVED DIRECTLY . . . directly . . in a DOJ Voting Rights Acts case where he defended the allegedly racist voting process by saying, in essence, that black people are still adequately represented by white people. He claime dthta he wa proof of that in reverse because he was black and voted into the counsel by a haevily white constituency

you know what hapened in that case?

the DOJ won

you know why?

because the black people in the district HAD NOT VOTED FOR HIM (ie he would not have bene their choice and here he was WORKING AGAINST THEM. Proof of the DOJ’s point


who is to say what is in the guy’s heart (eg is he Candace Owens? who knows?), but its simply UNDENIABLE . . undeniable . . that his views are NOT representative of the black community at all

If he runs back then as a Dem he probably doesnt get elected. he was elected . . in SOUTH CAROLINA . . almost exclusively by white voters. There’s probably something to that JUST AS IT IS NOT AN ACCIDENT that he is front and center on this issue