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But don’t worry, the phrasing is benign… for now. If the tide turns completely it won’t be so benign.

Anyone else notice that JBesr things everything is code, it’s all some devious plan …

It’s not in code Karma, it’s in English. I just see the changing definitions of words you guys roll out there every month and am a bit of a historian.

The devious plan is that people who think like you finally get what you want. That is the plan there is no denying it. You even go so far these days as to pretend that the opposition is completely invalid. As if nobody can remember that our entire government is built on opposition to the ruling party. Opposition is a good thing when Joe Biden is in charge and when Donald Trump is in charge. It’s when it gets crazy like the last four years that I have a problem. You post as if you don’t believe that because your whole schtick is to invalidate and mock.

I think that you really believe the country would be a better place if Republicans just disappeared and you could finally do what you really want. And what would that look like Karma? That is my point. What does this end game look like because I believe that it looks a whole lot like socialism and you will certainly never admit that.