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Jbear – look at the optics.

Tim Scott is the only black senator.


Not two, or three, or four, or five.


Island used to do this shit… look Candace Owens said _____. And SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK AND FOR NO OTHER REASON their message is used to poke holes is systemic issues.

Candace thinks this… Tim thinks that… Ben thinks this…

Thus black people think _____.

It is undeniable that the modern GOP needs the MAGA voting block to hang on by a thread. It is the party of old white dudes, scared to lose their power.

Is it fair to say “Uncle Tim”? Fuck no… because it gives you dingbats a “gotcha” moment.

I’m not black so I can’t say… but outside looking it, this is a condescending lecture that “it isn’t that bad” from a guy so far removed from anything that a common black person deals with…that it becomes a fucking joke to hear him say this canned shit