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Tim Scott says America is not a racist country

Karma, how is this possible? You say America is racist through and through. In fact I thought everyone who thought differently was stupid…. or maybe just not understanding all your facts and what the Truth is that only you know.
Is Tim Scott Stupid?

Is he an Uncle Tim?

That term was somehow trending on twitter last night and it’s very hilarious. Uncle Tim! It’s so odd because the racists are Republicans and Tim Scott is a Republican making the Republican rebuttal to the Benevolent Democrat leaders speech in front of 50 people. So you wouldn’t think these republicans would get something racist like this to trend on twitter. It’s not actually that easy to get something to trend on twitter. It seems there may be a lot of unaccounted for racists out there, which is a little scary. We know it can’t be the good guys doing something like that. Uncle Tim… That’s really funny.

Oh wait this thread is about the GOP rebuttal

Got it!