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Democrats almost don’t have a choice but to discredit him

and yet I posted a bunch of data. all ignored by the non-racist Republicans

“All Repblicans are racist white guys” schtick

no one credible says that

Sort of like saying Biden is a socialist :-)

to discredit Tim Scott.

The facts are completely against him. You wouldn’t take anything Biden says as Gospel truth, but we are supposed to take Scott’s view as Gospel truth IN SPITE OF THE EVIDENCE?

maybe you protest too much

I do see that it works both ways.

Of course. Democrats leverage race for all that its worth. Unfortunately for the GOP, it often works and that is mostly because they are on the right side. Any fair minded person can see the discrimination in our country. That’s why the GOP tries to turn it into “we are not a racist country” ie a referendum on the country, not on the specific policies.