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We drafted for need and maybe a steal.
We have nobody after our two edges. I have loved JOK since day one. Guys who are that nasty and are obsessed with playing football and hitting people can not be measured in a pro day. He is a mad man- I also thought he’s a “ fit” guy.He’s not for everyone but seeing how we have nobody behind LVD and Whitehead is the only SS on the roster? I thought he could have came in and filled both roles or even the “ moneybacker” that Deone Buchanan was to be. I’m actually shocked we didn’t take him. Someone asked which guy would you move up for he was it for me.

That said we have nobody to rotate the pass rush if our two go down. I personally had Tryon the #2 edge prospect behind Philips. I kept going back n forth as if he was my choice originally at 32. Idc what PFF says off of a Soph tape. There’s 90% of the NFL that shined their RS Jr year. I kept telling people he’s a guy who was 19 when people last saw him he’ll be 21 come time for season. That’s HUGE in terms of development years for young man. This guy had 12.5 sacks man!! You don’t just walk into sacks. Not a dozen of them!! He was pre season All American and the thing for me is tenacity. This guy plays hard so between his motor, age, previous production. He could of been a 10-15 sack guy with 15+ TFLs this year with some more technique and been the #1,2 edge guy. I mean how can people drool over Oweh with ZERO sacks who played but be down on a guy who put up numbers and is physically just as much as a freak. Also the Bucs were the only team to sprint the card up to the podium.. that includes Jacksonville!!