Diehard Astheycome

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Number two edge behind Phillips imho. I think when you factor our needs, value of the pass rushers in general, his tenacity, physical freakish tools, PRODUCTION (12.5 sacks) and the growth from 19-21 or 20-22 from last seen to next time we see him. There’s some definite higher ceiling there as opposed to higher floors, lower ceiling with some other guys we may have passed on. Like I said in another post seems hard to like Oweh n pressures but not Tryon with actual sacks n TFLs. There is something to be said for his playing style n production.
This year he may have gone out and displayed a much improved technique and put up huge numbers and been a guaranteed top ten pick. He was a pre season All American before opting out. We don’t know , unlike some others who we did see. We also ran the pick in quicker than any other team. So I’m gonna trust our guys on what they know. They did good with their Washington scouts, coaches with Vea and I’m sure they know something we may not. Gonna trust our guys on this one. Also think theres a reason he started being mocked, gaining some momentum and moving up this past week or so.