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I love the pick.

With who was left on the board, Tryon was a great pick to solidify a serious lack of depth. Obviously the guy’s a project, or else he would have been picked earlier.. but he is a serious athlete, running a 4.6 40, 35″ vert, 22 reps on the bench, 7.18 three-cone. 6’5, 260, has great foot speed, and he had real production in 2019, showed he has several moves in his arsenal..

Being able to slowly progress and learn behind Shaq and JPP is HUGE. We got lucky JPP and Shaq didn’t miss any time last season. Nelson has shown some progress, now with Tryon I like our EDGE depth if I’m honest.

With how quickly the Bucs pick came in, you can imagine they weren’t interested in trading back, this was a guy they wanted..

I’d LOVE to see the Bucs come out and aggressively trade up to nab Jenkins/Dickerson/Humphrey/Barmore in round 2. Keep building up the trenches!